Laguna Precast

Manufacturer & Nationwide Sales of Precast Concrete Products.


Laguna Precast provides the highest quality precast concrete products for competitive prices throughout the nation. We manufacture, sell, package and ship products directly to customers throughout the United States, and Canada. We have nine product categories with hundreds of items displayed online. All products show listed prices, weights, pallets, dimensions, photographs and drawings. Laguna Precast's Calculator Tool can be used to create item lists and the materials cost. Contact us to quote jobs from plans, make new or custom molds.


All products are cast in our molds that we now make, design or co-design 100% in house. We use many types of admixes in our glass fiber reinforced concrete products depending on the item, it's use and location. Our most commonly used materials are washed aggregates, AR fiberglass, a water reducer and a Portland cement, these are in every precast concrete item we make. A few of our staple, brand/material favorites are Colton Block and Riverside gray cements, Lehigh, Cemex and Riverside white cements, NEGA alkaline resistant fiberglass, Euclid Chemical water reducers. Many admixes are job specific and/or required in the mix designs of products. Some examples are for compressive strength in a railing or barrier, color in a facade, water proofing planters, air entraining items in cold or freeze-thaw weather, polymers in high glass content mixes and sealers on grout or table set surfaces. There are over a hundred admixes we have experience with, many we like to use and a few we will not use, These items/brands are a few favorites at Laguna Precast. Davis Color/Concrete pigment color powder oxides, PolyPlex/acrylic polymer, Xypex/waterproofing, Crescent/mold release, Plastol/water reducer and Colton Block/cement. Cost is important on all jobs and the products we provide, so many admixes are not used if they are not necessary or specified on order. Our products are designed for astetics and durability in environments they will endure. Specify any extreme conditions or climates products will be exposed too. Also we have developed and trademark named our Featherweight Concrete™ details. These products ease installation and reduce weight issues of vertically attached/solid concrete details. Our goal is to provide the most economically sensible and practical products that retain the best quality. We believe that our competitively priced products are the easiest to install. They will make the most cost effective, dramatic improvements to curb appeal or architectural facades of homes and buildings improving their value.


Every product has a specific pallet to ship it on and all pallets are made by us. Laguna Precast ships directly to our customers from a freight forwarding company in San Diego CA. To receive a shipping cost use the Calculator Tool and submit your list of items to be shipped. The tool will automatically add the pallets and amounts needed.


To get a quote enter your contact information with the products to be ordered and submit it with the "Caculator Tool" and inquiry form. This will add up material costs, orders weight and number of pallets it will take to ship the order. We will use the forms information to produce a final invoice that includes the freight charges and email it to you.


From the moment you submit a quote via our website you can expect professionalism throughout. Your sales representative will work closely with you throughout the entire ordering, production and delivery processes.


1. We provide knowledge and support to our customers on the FAQ page of this site.
2. We offer the drawings of our products in DWG and PDF formats for all to use.
3. Industry Architects, Engineers, Contractors & Installers are provided to customers with names and contact information for companies to help them with their job.
4. Use the Calculator Tool to provide us the information we need to produce a written sales order with all costs included.
5. Please include any questions or comments for us in the "Brief Description" box on the form.
6. Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email with any technical questions.
7. Please e-mail us before calling. We reply to all e-mails promptly, sometimes within a few minutes. Call us for urgent assistance at 1-877-774-3280 toll free in the US.