Laguna Precast

Manufacturer & Nationwide Sales of Precast Concrete Products.


To get a products dimensions and files, write down there three digit product code. When viewing the product you can click on it's image and link to the AutoCAD/PDF page. Then click on the code you want to retrieve. They are very detailed and will answer most installation questions and dimensions of the product. Homeowners can ask there contractor or installer any questions that are specific to the job. If you are looking for help with your job, see our list on Architects/Contractors/Installers/Engineers page or email us your zip code and job type so we can offer local referrals in your area.

General Installation

Although heavy, Laguna Precast benches are simple to install. Use a polyurethane adhesive to glue the tops to the bases. Areas with high traffic or public places consider gluing the pedal stools to the ground as well.


"Jim H. info"- Alkaline resistant fiberglass, Colton Block-type 2 type-4 cement, white cement, re bar reinforced, water reducers, add mixes. over 2000 PSI strength. Temperature/climate resilient ............. See the before and after gallery pictures of Laguna Precast benches on commercial buildings, and even homes with our happy satisfied customers.


Made out of concrete and reinforced with steel Laguna Precast benches will last forever and endure all climates. Clean them by hosing them off with your garden hose. Low maintenance furniture that doesn't need to be replaced or refinished every other year like most outdoor furniture.