Laguna Precast

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To get a products dimensions and drawings, write down the three digit product code. When viewing the product you can click on it's image and link to the AutoCAD/PDF page. Then click on the code you want to retrieve. They are very detailed and will answer most installation questions and dimensions of the product. Homeowners can ask there contractor or installer any questions that are specific to the job. If you are looking for help with your job, see our list on Architects/Contractors/Installers/Engineers page or email us your zip code and job type so we can offer local referrals in your area.

General Installation

Posts for balusters are often just mortared in place and attached to top rails with re bar doweled into them. Below is an example of permitted installation for a balcony job. Engineers will have to approve or stamp designs by Architects for contractors to receive permits in many projects. Some jobs such as landscape decoration, posts are simply mortared to a footing.  

Columns are installed differently in just about every application. The horizontally divided columns are stacked and usually filled with concrete and vertical columns are typically wrapping a structural post or beam. Both types of columns are difficult to install correctly and we suggest that only licensed contractors assemble them. Contractors that are new users of Laguna Precast columns can contact us for instructions and suggestions that pertain each type of installation.  


"Jim H. info"- Alkaline resistant fiberglass, Colton Block-type 2 type-4 cement, white cement, re bar reinforced, water reducers, add mixes. over 2000 PSI strength. Temperature/climate resilient ............. Columns are items with.... See the Before and After gallery pictures of Laguna Precast Columns on commercial buildings, and even homes with our happy satisfied customers.


Laguna Precast products are manufactured in three different types of molds, fiberglass, latex and silicon. Each of these materials give a different texture to the finished product. We use silicon molds for smooth finished products with less details in them. Examples of silicon molded products are wall caps, (307, 308 and 309) window sills and surrounds our FOAMCAST CONCRETE™ products, (404, 405 and 406) are good examples. Latex is best for items with fine details such as planters with designs, (812,813, and 817) and fountain parts that have lifelike designs such as the Palm tree fountains and also fountains, (901, 904 and 908). Finally fiberglass molds are used to mass produce with less cost and labor. They yield a texture that is slightly courser than silicon or latex. Our products that are made with fiberglass molds are most balustrade pins, table sets, benches and some other examples are many of the posts & columns. Laguna Precast uses the most cost effective materials to achieve the most attractive look for our products. Be sure to click on the pictures to see each product's close up view.