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To get a products dimensions and files, write down there three digit product code. When viewing the product you can click on it's image and link to the AutoCAD/PDF page. Then click on the code you want to retrieve. They are very detailed and will answer most installation questions along with dimensions of the product. Homeowners can ask there contractor or installer any questions that are specific to the job. If you are looking for help with your job, see our list on Architects/Contractors/Installers/Engineers page or email us your zip code and job type so we can offer local referrals in your area.

General Installation

Precast has installation has changed forever with FOAMCAST CONCRETE™. Vertically attached Foamcast details are installed in a fraction of the time solid precast details are installed. Simply by inserting a screw or dowel into the surface of attachment, applying adhesive to the back of the detail and then pushing the detail onto the screw or dowel that will hold it in place until the adhesive dries. The foamcast detail is light enough to hang on the screws and still has the integrity of solid precast with 3/8'' of glass fiber reinforced concrete over the foam. FOAMCAST CONCRETE™ has the look, feel, integrity, and strength of solid precast with the rapid installation ability of a foam or basecoated foam detail. A foamcast detail is also cost effective, considering not only the labor savings compared to solid precast installation but the fact there is no need to base coat for stength or stucco over it for texture and color.


"Jim H. info"- Alkaline resistant fiberglass, Colton Block-type 2 type-4 cement, white cement, re bar reinforced, water reducers, add mixes. over 5000 PSI strength. Temperature/climate resilient ............. homes with our happy satisfied customers.


Foam details often get damaged for many reasons. They are often coated with a thin layer of base coating and stucco, sometimes just stucco color coating. This is simply not strong enough to withstand the elements or environment that the details will encounter. Track homes in the United States are often detailed with foam. Damage can occur when a child leans a bicycle onto a foam detail, it can possibly dent or even puncture a hole in the detail. Other areas of homes such as eves or cornice that are above the first level can become nests for birds or other small animals. When a ladder is used to reach upper levels of the structure it can penetrate holes in foam details. FOAMCAST CONCRETE™ details are concrete with a foam insert for installation. They will withstand the elements and the kids, birds or other unforeseen problems.